How To Tactically Land Your Dream Job


Table of Contents

1: Introduction

2: How to Search for a new job

3: Skills for the Workforce



Gaining a job at this time can be so hard to come by. There are lots of job seekers all over the nation and internationally as the case may be. Interestingly, what makes you feel there is no job out there?

 Judging from people’s rate of unemployment we can easily conclude that the above notion is right. In this article, I’m going to talk about job hunting and how you can land yourself your dream job.

 How to Search for a new job

I must say this before we proceed, jobs are not just the way we think you can get them just by seeing or reading through job adverts. This cuts across other facts which include the following.

  • Your experience.

  • Soft skills.

  • Your Connection.

  • Information about the job you are applying for.

  • How well do you know the company you wish to work for?

  • Interviews.

  • Assessment.

The list is more than what I just highlighted but they are the most essential ones I had experienced over the years.

 Let’s move forward to highlight some points on the list I mentioned above. Quickly let’s look at “Experience”.

What level of experience do you have?

Your previous job experience matters a lot to your new job search, meaning over time what knowledge base have you built for yourself for the role you had worked? For this scenario, I’m assuming you had worked at least 6 months to 1-year minimum, whether you have stayed on a job for a shorter period that will count as your experience.


To succeed with your job experience you have to gather experience on the same professional look or ground. Don’t look for multiple jobs in a different professional area. Let’s say you’re a graduate of Account, then look for an accounting-related role to match your background. Don’t jump to look for a role like IT Security role as the case may be.


Do you have matching soft skills to the job you want to apply for?

Do you have matching skills? Let’s say you want to just get a good job for yourself. Have you ever worked on it ok you need to gather experience and also get the required skills sets in terms of the ability to practically apply your skills to do related jobs?  always align your skills to the job you are applying this will improve your chances of getting the job.


 Whenever possible learn one or two soft skills that align with whatever you studied as a student or as an experienced accountant for instance. Major companies are looking for a well-skilled professional or candidates to be able to align their job descriptions to whatever role has been advertised.


Having said enough of this let’s assume you want to apply for an accounting role what are the skills you feel align with your job?  I’ll give you some examples even an accountant you have to get an ICAN.

Your connection will land you a job.

How often do you connect with your friends, coursemates, and colleagues?  As mentioned, they are your valuable assets in landing a job. Most times jobs are not advertised, but they can be internally announced to all the company team members.


Try as much to get this connection going by trying to reach out to your friends, and colleagues one at a time asking them out for a little assistance in terms of if they have some job openings. Truly they will respond because you are always keeping in touch with them.


keeping in touch is very vital because it will expose you to communicating your needs with them and advancing communication by reminding them about the job we help you get the process faster and easier than keeping some distance.

Gather more information about the job you are applying for.

At this time reach out to the person that had worked in that role in the same company, and ask them why they left your prospective company. Remember people leave a company for a different reason. It could be relocation abroad, getting another appointment, it could be gross misconduct to lead to a sack. Whatever the reason for the person leaving it is very hard to get this kind of information but make sure you review the company background enough to aid your review. Check the information online to know what is expected of you in the company.


How well do you know the company you wish to work for?

I need a job, a new job, yes that’s okay. But have you reflected on the exact company you are looking out of? Like in everything good for you to take an offer? Before you start taking the first step of applying for a job you need to have a good list of companies you want to work for and do a diligent check to read more about them.


Learn about their mission, vision, value, and the brand they represent. This might win the job for you because when they throw a question about their company you can tell them you have a very wide knowledge about them.


Interestingly I have gotten a lot of offers through this trick, it just makes you stand out from other candidates who the target of knowing and having the information about your company. Give yourself the best ability on the information you have read through this article.


Skills for the workforce.

Basically, you need to be ready for opportunities to take control of your job search, that’s to say, be skilled to meet your job.


Let me enlist some essential skills.

  • Get essential Microsoft Office Training

  • Advance Microsoft Excel

  • Learn what skills align with your professional career


In Conclusion

Wow, we have got through a lot of lines in this article, it is better to have the right track of skills, networks, and opportunities.

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