Building an IT Generation and the impact of the Internet in the modern world.


Table of Contents

1: What is a generation?

2: How does Information Technology grow?

3: What gap does individual teenagers need to fill to align their interests with the current trends in Information Technology?

4: The impact of the internet in the modern world – The good, and the bad – Technology.


Observing the topic in this article, you will need to pay careful attention to how you build an IT generation.  The impact of technology on our everyday world lies across different sectors of life and career. In light to develop a capacity that will favor our nation and other countries, we all need to embrace the excellent impact of the internet and Information Technology.

What is a generation?

A generation means – All people born and living in the same period or we can also say that the average period which is always considered about 20 – 30 years, during this period children are born and grow up, become adults, and start to have children.

2: How does Information Technology grow?

Coming from the history of the generation of computers. Computers and their components are classified by what type of technology they are built with and what makes them unique from other generations.

Let’s go ahead and review some of these generations and what types of technology were deployed to make them work perfectly.

1: The first Generation

Year: 1946-1959

Type of technology: Vacuum tubes were used.

2: The second generation

Year: 1959-1965

Type of technology: Transistors were used.

3: The Third Generation

Year: 1965-1971

Type of Technology: Integrated Circuit based.

4: The Fourth Generation


Type of Technology: Very Large Scale Integration microprocessor (VLSI)

5: The Fifth Generation

Year: 1980-onwards.

Type of technology: Ultra Large Scale Integration – ULSI microprocessor

3: What gap does individual teenagers need to fill to align their interests with the current trends in Information Technology?

Teenagers – Age 15  is assumed to be the hardest age for most teens, absolutely starting from 18 much is expected from them as they can start designing their lives.

As technology advances and grows every day, youth need to start showing and building their interest in embracing Information Technology.

Catching your interest in knowing basic computer appreciation  – This includes, typesetting, Corel draws the design, adobe photoshop, uses of the Internet, and word processing. What I highlighted here is enough to get your foots ready for employment with your basic skills.

Choosing from the top skills in the new fields including the following.

  • Graphic Design
  • Programming
  • Data Analytics
  • Social media marketing
  • Video production
  • Product Management

How to build your skills to align your interest in the current technology trend.

1: Effective communication

2: Teamwork

3: Accountability

4: Time management and Organization

In other to grow and practically manage your skills to acquire more experience you need to:

  • Volunteering/Internship
  • Take online free short courses – Obtain basic knowledge about your desired skills. You can check – Coursera, Udemy, Udacity, etc…
  • Ask for mentorship in your area of specialization
  • Attend seminars and workshops in the desired career choice
  • Read more and ask more questions at any point you think you’re missing out.

The impact of the internet in the modern world – The good, and the bad – Technology.

Empirically the impact of the internet in the modern world has played a significant role in the world at large. Medically, technology has lowered the risk factor of people dying during the pandemic.

During the Covid-19, we all witnessed the trend of death in the western world and Africa.

Researchers and medical experts came up with different ideas to save the world. At some point, it seems to be no way forward as some tests and factors failed. After much intervention and dedicated lab research, they seem to be the way out.

In all aspects of our daily lives, we use the internet for one or two purposes. The good and the bad, why I classified it as the good and the bad, is the aspect of internet crime also known as cybercrime.

Cybercrime has eaten up most youth’s minds, as their main focus is to learn one trick or buy a deciphering technology online to combine with other tools to steal from experienced IT companies or individuals.

The Good news is that we can use our cell phones to make money online while advocating to stop cyber crimes. Some of the best-selling skills in today’s job market are – Graphics and animations, digital marketing, copywriting, and video editing.

In conclusion.

Let’s focus on the things that will build our career and growth, and build a grit mindset to accept continuous learning in our chosen profession.

Remember – Consistency and time lead to perfection. Always improve on your idea, and grow in your career by taking some certifications.

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