About Us

About Funjobs Ng

Welcome to Funjobs Ng – A place where you will gain insights on recent jobs in Nigeria. As well as scholarship opportunities around the globe.


To see candidates success greatly in their chosen career while developing a long lasting relationships in companies to contribute to the growth the organization.


To reduce unemployment in Nigeria and Africa at large and also improve the waiting time in all hiring processes across companies in Nigeria, and the world at large.

The Funjobs Ng Story

Why we chose these as a focus to be able to reach out to more audiences, especially for candidates that are seeking better career opportunities. Also, our key aim is to create key content like articles on interviews, careers, jobs, and many more.

The focus of Funjobs Ng is to leverage the use of advance technology to publish jobs as it relates to individual profession while striving to solve key fundamental unemployement issues in Nigeria expanding to Africa at large.

Major opportunities that can be found with Funjobs Ng cut across career counseling, employability training to discover new jobs, and internship opportunities for fresh graduates. Personalized resume and, curriculum vitae review. These will increase profitability from person to person, and the country at large.

Our Culture

Our mantra is to see candidates’ success stories. We believe in equal opportunity for everyone, which is why we tend to love what we do. Problem-solving has been our major key focus for humanity to work and earn happily while staying on the job.
Also, creating high-value content for both jobs and scholarships is one of our best mandates.

About Me
Uche Daniel Felix – LFCS, LFCA, MCAA, MCSC, MCSO

Linkedin Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/felix-uche-lfcs-lfca-mcaa-mcsc-mcso-1245ab141/


I started my career in 2012 as a Network Support Engineer Intern with the Centre for Information Technology and Systems (CITS University of Lagos). Where I gained experience in the use of basic Networking Tools to set up workstations, Network Installation, and troubleshooting.


Bachelor’s Degree – Computer Science


My interest is to manage and assist people looking for jobs, and scholarships. My experience in working with human resources specialists give birth to Funjobs Ng. People and processes are key to organizations and companies, and the gap is so wide. At the moment no proper guide to controlling unemployment in Nigeria and other parts of the world. My key focus is to partner with top companies to publish jobs for candidates in Nigeria, and scholarships for both local and international audiences.