Scholarships for International Students – Marymount University, USA

Scholarships for International Students – Marymount University, USA

The university offers a 2022 -2023 scholarship.

Scholarships for International Students – Merry-Mount University funding is focused to international PhD students, and student selection will be made by the Merry-Mount University Graduate Admissions Office. Scholarships cover the cost of graduate studies conducted or conducted by selected students.

Information on Mary Mount University Scholarships for International Students 2022 – 2033

The scholarship is for graduate studies at Marymount in the United States. If selected, students will be refunded for their research. For more information on scholarships and financial support, we recommend visiting the official website of the university.

A brief description of Marymount University’s graduate scholarships.

Now let’s briefly explain the opportunity so that all students can get the information quickly.

Host country: United States
Host University: Mary Mount University
Scholarship Program: Graduate school
Scholarship Award: funding
Application deadline: January 9, 2022


The range of college courses includes bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in other disciplines. According to records and data available online, the university has approximately 3,897 students from 45 states and 78 countries around the world. Founded in 1950. Marymount University’s rankings are in a good position not only in the United States but also in the world.

Scholarship criteria

– To be eligible for the Marymount University Scholarship for International Students, you must submit proof of eligibility. Find the following criteria:

– All foreign students can apply. Only courses offered by the university are allowed. International student applicants must study at Marymount University in the United States. Note: For more accurate selection criteria, applicants will be asked to check official sources. H. University websites, university scholarship / funding pages, etc. Financial security.

– International students at Marymount University are offered different types of financial support or scholarship options.

The Marymount University Grant Office is a great place to learn more about these options. All details are listed on the university’s website for financial advice for international students. In addition to financial support / scholarships, students can also apply for graduate colleges (on campus), additional employment opportunities (on campus), additional scholarships and support other living expense. That means there are many options for your finances while studying in the United States.

More information

Other scholarship information and funding are available for different award.

Award Name On-Campus Housing          Off-Campus/Commuter   Off-Campus/Commuter
Presidential Scholarship                          $25,000                            $16,500
Trustee Scholarship                                 $24,000                            $16,000
Chancellor Scholarship                           $23,500                            $15,500
Provost Award                                         $22,500                            $15,000
Dean Award                                            $22,000                            $14,000
Saints Award                                          $21,000                             $13,000

Students are encouraged to visit the official website for the latest information on supplementary documents, admission requirements.

Applicable time

Applicants must check the official source or visit the official website for the latest information on the final submission date of the application.

How to Apply for a Merry Mount University Scholarship for International Students.
You can submit / apply for the course online from the university’s official portal. Following the link below. 


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