2022/2023 Funded Orange Tulip Scholarship for International Students

2022/2023 Funded Orange Tulip Scholarship for International Students

Funded Orange Tulip Scholarship  – The Orange Tulip Scholarship (OTS) is intended for students from several Neso countries who want to study in the Netherlands. At Maastricht University the OTS grants are available for certain faculties combined win certain Neso countries.

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The scholarships are managed and promoted by the Neso Offices (Netherlands Education Support Offices) in the participating countries. On their websites you can find detailed information in your own language regarding the courses that are offered, the application requirements and the total amount of the scholarship. This information varies per scholarship. In the table below, you can find more information about at which Faculty you can apply for a participating programme in combination with your Neso country.

Country  Nationality: Indian, Indonesian, Korean, South African, Vietnamese

Scholarship: Masters


Neso Office                  Faculty

India                          FASoS, FHML, FSE, LAW

Indonesia                 FASoS, FSE, FPN, LAW

Korea                         LAW

South Africa             FASoS, FHML, FPN, LAW, SBE

Vietnam                    LAW, SBE

Faculty Abbreviations

Abbreviation                                              Faculty

FASoS                                                         Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

FHML                                                         Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

LAW                                                            Faculty of Law

FPN                                                             Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience

SBE                                                             School of Business and Economics

FSE                                                             Faculty of Science and Engineering


Who is eligible?

All candidates must meet the following requirements:

You have the nationality of your Neso country and you live in this Neso country
You have a degree from a non-Dutch university
You have not previously studied or worked in the Netherlands
You have been admitted to a Master’s programme at the corresponding Faculty for your Neso country

Duration of the Orange Tulip Scholarship

12 months for a one-year Master’s programme.
Only at FASoS: 24 months for a two-year master’s programme.

Amount of the Orange Tulip Scholarship 2022/23

The OTS scholarship covers 100% of the recipient’s tuition fees for the Master’s programme. The period of the scholarship starts and ends on the dates indicated in the award letter. Please note: no additional allowance towards living costs or visa costs is granted.

Tuition fees

€ 13,800 ; € 15,500 or € 16,800  depending on the tuition of your study programme

Arranged for and paid by the UM International Services Desk.

Application procedure

Step 1: Register for one of the Master’s programmes at the selected Faculty of Maastricht University for your Neso country. For further details on how to register for a Master’s programme at UM, please see your prospective programme’s webpage . Once you have submitted your application via Studielink , you will receive a student ID number for Maastricht University.

Step 2: Apply for the OTS scholarship via the website of the Nuffic Neso office in your country. You can find the links to the right website if you click on your Neso country in the table above.


Selection procedure

Step 1: Your Neso Office checks that all applications are complete in May 2022 and sends the complete applications to the UM International Services Desk.
Step 2: The UM Faculties will do a competitive and excellence-bases assessment of the complete applications and will inform the UM International Services Desk of the selected candidates by the end of May 2022.
Step 3: The UM International Services Desk will inform all applicants of the outcome. Your status will be selected, waitlisted or rejected by the beginning of June 2022 at the latest. Waitlisted application statuses will be changed to selected or rejected half June 2022.
Step 4: You must sign and return the award letter to the UM International Services Desk to accept the scholarship.

Application deadline
Applications will be open in November 2022.

Contact Neso Offices OTS

India: ots@nesoindia.org
Indonesia: ots@nesoindonesia.or.id
Korea: ots@nesokorea.org
South Africa: info@nesosouthafrica.org​
Vietnam: ots@nesovietnam.org

Submit application on the official website 




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