Scholarships AUSTRALIA 2021 – 2022

Australia  Scholarships 2021 – 2022

Griffith University’s Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships scheme is one of Australia’s most comprehensive, generous and flexible scholarship programs for academic excellence. Griffith is offering Deans Sir Samuel Griffith and Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships to outstanding students commencing an undergraduate degree for the first time ever in 2022. If you’re a high achiever, Griffith wants to reward and acknowledge your efforts via the Deans Sir Samuel Griffith and Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarships.

You can apply and submit your application before you have your ATAR results, once released you can upload them.

Deans Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship: maximum value of $60,000

Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship: maximum value of $24,000

Applications close:

First 2022 offer round – 4 pm Monday 20 December 2022

Second 2022 offer round  – 4 pm Monday 17 January 2022


To be eligible you must:

  • be an;
    • Australian citizen, Australian Permanent Humanitarian Visa holder OR
    • Australian permanent resident, New Zealand citizen, or International student, who is completing or has completed Years 11 and 12 in Australia
  • be a student commencing university for the first time ever, in 2022 – have not undertaken/commenced any tertiary study (bachelor degree or postgraduate degree), with the exception of those undertaken as part of Year 11-12 studies (e.g. enhanced studies program)
  • have applied to commence at Griffith University in 2022, meet the eligibility criteria for an undergraduate degree, and receive and accept an admission offer
  • achieve an ATAR 95.50 or above (or equivalent OP 3 or above, and IB 37 or above (note: bonus ranks do not apply))
  • have Griffith University listed as your first or second QTAC/UAC preference to be considered for Deans Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship.

You must include your QTAC/UAC reference number, we will not be able to confirm your results/ranking if this number is not provided.

Further details are available on the Academic Excellence Scholarships Policy.

What do I include in my application?

To be considered for this scholarship, you must complete the following sections within the application.

Study details
  • Secondary Education History — ATAR/OP/IB results and QTAC/UAC reference number

You must include your QTAC/UAC reference number, we will not be able to confirm your results/ranking if this number is not provided.

  • Leadership and Community: engagement and assessment of leadership achievements and/or community service are based on information contained in the application and evidentiary documentation, such as: leadership qualities, civic responsibility and social awareness.
  • Referee details: (Optional) two referee reports from two different sources, referee reports may be used to differentiate candidates of similar academic qualities, leadership and community engagement.:
    • an academic referee:  a person qualified to comment on academic studies, preferably a subject coordinator from your secondary school and/or a school principal
    • a character referee: such as a current or past employer, or a person competent to supply a character reference (for example, a person with whom you have undertaken community service or volunteer activities).
  • Personal statements
      • Career goals and aims: Why have you selected the particular degree? What are your long term goals?
      • Community involvement: How have you been involved in the community and to what extent (can be in or out of school)?

    You can apply and submit before you have your ATAR results and upload them once they are released.


Deans Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship

Maximum value is $60,000, paid in instalments. Instalments of $6,000 are payable for each full-time enrolled trimester up to maximum value of the scholarship or minimum duration of the degree, whichever is the lesser. (for a 240 credit point Bachelor degree, this would be a maximum of 6 payments totaling $36,000)

Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship

Maximum value is $24,000, paid in instalments. Instalments of $3,000 are payable for each full-time enrolled trimester up to maximum value of the scholarship or minimum duration of the degree, whichever is the lesser. (for a 240-credit point degree, this would be up to a maximum of six instalments totaling $18,000.)

Payments are made up to six weeks after the census date, subject to satisfying scholarships terms and conditions.

Recipients immediately continuing to a Griffith honors degree, on completion of their 240 credit point undergraduate degree, may use remaining scholarship funds during the honors year. (Conditions apply.)

Please note – International and New Zealand students will not receive a cash benefit. An equivalent sum will be credited to their student fees.

Griffith Honors College

Griffith Honors College

Applicants will be considered for membership to the Griffith Honors College. Designed for high achieving students, the Honors College provides enriching experiences where students will develop skills in high demand by employers – leadership, teamwork, communication, community engagement, intellectual curiosity and the development of research and work skills. Members join a community of other high achieving students from diverse disciplines and have opportunities to collaborate with leading researchers and academics. The Griffith Honors College does not have a membership fee and participation costs for full cohort events are sponsored by the College.

If you are non-school leaver or an International student who did not complete Year 11 & 12 in Australia you may still be eligible to apply for membership of the Griffith Honors College.

For further information please email The Griffith Honors College –



The following conditions apply:

  • recipient must accept their admission offer from Griffith University.
  • recipient must accept the scholarship by the date indicated on the offer or the scholarship offer will be withdrawn and directed to another applicant.
  • The scholarship may be deferred for a period of 12 months as long as an offer of a place at Griffith University has been accepted and deferred.
  • Recipient must continue to meet the eligibility requirements.
  • Recipients may apply for a Leave of absence – approval to suspend a Deans’ Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship or a Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship is granted for a maximum period of one year. Scholarship benefits are suspended for the period of leave of absence only if officially approved by the university.
  • Recipients who undertake a component of their studies while on overseas exchange studies, or with another university through an approved cross-institutional arrangement, are not precluded from accessing the scholarship if this study counts towards the requirements of the program in which the recipient is enrolled. Documented evidence is required.
  • Recipients who are awarded a Deans’ Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship are required to maintain continued enrolment within the Academic Group for which they have been awarded, for the term of the scholarship.

To remain eligible for the scholarship, you will be required to:

  • remain enrolled full-time in your undergraduate degree at Griffith University, standard trimester full-time load is 40 credit points. (In exceptional circumstances, with the approval of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education), a scholarship benefit may be provided to a part-time student. The University considers exceptional circumstances such as disability or serious medical condition, significant carer responsibilities and the unique circumstances of Indigenous Australian students in determining inability to study full-time.)
  • maintain a minimum cumulative career GPA of 5.5 or above.

The above conditions are verified each trimester at census date. If a scholarship recipient fails to successfully meet these conditions, scholarship payments may be withheld, or the scholarship may be terminated.

Applications, including Referee Reports, must be completed and submitted by the closing date.



    • Offers will be made to your nominated email.
    • The number of scholarships available in each category will be determined each year by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor(Education).
    • The award of a Deans’ Sir Samuel Scholarship or a Sir Samuel Griffith Scholarship does not guarantee a place at Griffith University. Scholarship recipients will compete for a place through the usual QTAC offer round process and QTAC/UAC will make offers to academically qualified and eligible students on behalf of the University.
    • Griffith University reserves the right not to offer all the scholarships available and to set a maximum limit on scholarships available for any one degree or in any one academic group.
    • Griffith University will aim to award scholarships to students across a broad range of high schools and study degrees.
    • The University will make its own judgement about what constitutes the most meritorious applications.

The Student Financial Support and Scholarships Office will make scholarship offers:

    • first-round – before 24 December 2021
    • second-round – before 24 January 2022.

All offers will be finalized by 31 January 2022

Griffith University reserves the right to withdraw an advertised scholarship at any time.


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