Public Health Scholarships 2022

The  University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine has been a leader in the field of public health for more than 100 years, with a very global view of public health throughout its history.

The school is located in the culturally rich city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and we are the leading school of public health in the Gulf Coast. This location gives faculty the opportunity to pursue research locally throughout the South as well as in 76 countries around the globe such as Honduras, Vietnam, Mali, and Peru, just to name a few.

The school’s strengths are diverse and many. As the first school of tropical medicine in the country, we have studied vector-borne diseases extensively, with ongoing research in malaria, dengue, Ebola, and several neglected tropical diseases. We have a strong focus on cardiovascular disease, health disparities, reproductive health, and disaster response and displacement, along with growing strengths in genomics, epigenetics, and other areas pursuing health at a very personalized level.



Several partial master’s scholarships are awarded annually through the Dean’s Office drawn from endowed scholarships, Dean’s Grants, department resources, and other scholarship funds. There is no separate application process for academic scholarships. Partial scholarship funding is based on a combination of merit, need, and other endowment requirements. Please work with your department program manager to learn more.

The Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH) is also a useful resource for options on financing your degree. 


A limited number of full scholarships including tuition and an annual stipend for four years are available through the Dean’s Research Council to support doctoral study. To be eligible for these scholarships, applications to the doctoral program should be submitted by December 1. Successful applicants must have been accepted into an SPHTM doctoral program, demonstrate a record of superior academic achievement with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, exhibit professional accomplishment, provide professional references, and have GRE scores in the upper percentiles.

No separate application is required for academic scholarships.                      

Refer to department contacts for more information.

Eligibility for Tulane Funding

Eligibility standards merit scholarship consideration are determined by the respective admissions office awarding such an award. Need-based scholarship eligibility (generally only available to full-time undergraduate students) follows institutional methodology protocol (completion of the CSS Profile and submitting all requested documents). >

Tulane Scholarship (Tulane need-based scholarship) is awarded on the basis of both need and merit to certain full-time division undergraduate students pursuing a first undergraduate degree. The scholarship may be awarded for fall and/or spring semesters to such students attending on a full-time basis and assessed tuition at the standard Tulane full-time undergraduate division rate. Merit is considered in determining the proportion of scholarship in the total aid package. Scholarship recipients must maintain a 2.300 cumulative grade point average (GPA) and continuous full-time undergraduate primary enrollment in a full-time undergraduate division for continued consideration. The scholarship is not applicable to summer semesters, and is not available to students enrolled in the School of Professional Advancement.

Institutional awards in general often require:

  • Maintain continuous full-time enrollment
  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress and specified minimum GPA limits

NOTE: All eligibility requirements are subject to change and may require necessary documentation for federal verification and/or institutional validation.



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